Wimbledon 2013, History was Made!


Sunday 7th of July was a spectacular day of tennis. It has been an incredible year from Britain as a country with its involvement in sports. The 77 years of no British man winning Wimbledon broken in fashion. Following the success of Olympics 2012, the UK major Tennis Championship proved among spectators to be spectacular. Andy Murray has had a dream like tale in the past year, going beyond our expectations. Murray was the winner of Tennis during Olympics 2012 beating Roger Federer winner of an incredible 17 Grand Slam titles. He then went on to win the US opening a month later beating Novak Djokovic in mesmerizing fashion following the Olympics.

The lead up to Wimbledon 2013 was a tricky road for Murray as he had injuries and minor set backs that gave him a slow build up to the competition. The beginning of the Wimbledon was somewhat surprising with former world number one Nadal knocked out in first round. This was then followed by Roger Federer being knocked out in the second round. For many tennis spectators world wide this was an unbelievable beginning to Wimbledon. Not only in the Mens tennis, also Womens with the likes of Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka all being knocked out of the competition. Many fans believed that all of the stars knocked out from the competition early on, was leading to a poor quality final. But for British eyes this was a great chance for the representation of British tennis to shine, with Laura Robinson and Andy Murray to shine. With that being said, Laura only lasted into forth round after being beaten by Kaia Kanepi.

With that happening, the only British hope that remained was Andy Murray. Semi final proved to be one of Murray’s toughest games during wimbledon. Facing Poland’s Jerzy Janowicz. It proved to be an enticing four set game with action that led you to be on the edge of your seat. The skill and experience level of Murray brought him through a 6-7 6-4 6-4 6-3 win. Janowicz was proving to be a threat but as the end of the game drew closer, Murray edged the winner.

With the edgy, almost smooth run, Murray reaching the final was almost inevitable with the early exit of Nadal and Federer. As we had seen in previous games it was going to be difficult for Murray’s opponents as over fifty percent of the crowd were backing him. At every point won a roar came from the stands spuring Murray on. This continued into the final against Djokovic which proved to be a huge success. Winning three consecutive was something no one expected, especially against the world number one. The sweating action led to a 6-4 7-5 6-4, three straight wins. It was unbelievable, history was made at its finest. Murray himself couldn’t even believe it imself as he tweeted “Can’t believe what’s just happened!!!!!!!” People of Great Britain were stunned and in shock. Finally the drought of a home winner finally came throuh fter 77 years. This is just he beginning of a long journey. He still has a lot to prove, starting with US Open in August. As he won t last year, he will be attending to retain his title.


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