Fabregas on the verge on returning to England

There has been a breaking news beginning on 15th on Cesc Fabregas. It seems strange for him to be wanting to leave Barcelona since he has just returned to his beloved club Barcelona. He has been linked with clubs as Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. You would imagine he would want to return to Arsenal as he vowed that if he ever returned to England it would be to Arsenal.

This speculation has led to many ideas which we are not sure. It still remains a rumour which is yet to be completed. There has yet to be talks with these clubs as pre season goes under way. When Arsenal sold Fabregas to Barcelona they added a deal that if he wanted to leave, they’d need permission from Arsenal to do so. Any deal that awaits will have to wait for Arsenal to decline him, then he will be free to go. From rumours it is said that Manchester United is a club Fabregas wishes to join, pairing up with his old team mate Robin Van Persie.

With the new manager David Moyes taking over last month, this could be a fantastic buy. Manchester United have lost their first pre season game, maybe Fabregas could be a good addition to David Moyes’ plans for next Season. With the other players like Fellani also being linked to United, could we possibly see the two mid fielders join Manchester United? Yet more news is to come on this transfer as the deadline comes next month.


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