Gay rights were officially approved

As some of you maybe aware Gay marriages were made legal in the UK last week 29th March 2014. This was an area which many people were fighting for over the years. Before the 1960’s gay marriages were in fact legal but then a change was made shortly after l  making them illegal. Many have fought and struggled to get their views through with the claim ‘Any man or woman should have the right to love freely whether it’s same gender or not’. A lot of people oppose this and see it as vulgar which in some way is discriminating against another person without knowing and taking their feelings into consideration. They have been seen as not normal, but almost abnormal creatures when ‘men and women’ were created for each other not the other way around. Often people share the joke ‘God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve’. Personally i haven’t experienced myself in those shoes, but those who claim to be gay say they cannot control who they love, but it is a part of them. Question is ‘Are legalizing Gay marriages a move forward for the country or just a step back’. Others will oppose and say people should have more rights than being prejudice for the sake of it and being ‘homophobic.

My view have been let from a Christian point of view just in some way opposes to the gay marriage act. I have seen this is an opportunity for those not Christians to attack their space. People have used the example of ‘Would you want to be married in a church which condemns you to hell?’. This is one element i seem to agree with. You wouldn’t go into a power plant which clearly as a sign you will be electrocuted if you go past or breach into our area.’Church leaders have forgotten that the freedom not to be discriminated against is one on which believers themselves rely’. I struggle with this as this has been taken on an offensive note and claim that Christians should not judge but ‘love’, which is what Christianity is known for. Through the joyous celebrations of last week can we actually say that it is a done deal with this subject? Guidelines from the Equality and Human rights Commission say that businesses that refuse to provide services for gay marriages will be in breach of the Equality Act 2010. Some conservative MP’s say it represents a chill wind of religious Intolerance.

It still seems that gay marriage remains an issue diving England from other cities within the world. It’s seen as marginalizing or persecution of ‘British Christianity’ which has been attacked through this period. Belgium’s gay Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo has called African leaders to respect the rights of minorities including homosexuals. He claims it was intolerable that people were being persecuted for their origins, their sexual orientation, their religion and their convictions. Many African countries have toughened their anti-gay laws this year. Homosexuals acts are illegal in most African countries where homosexuality is seen as ‘evil’ and abnormal’. In Uganda they have fought against their independence from ‘Western pressure and provocation’. The law allows life imprisonment as the penalty of ‘aggravated homosexuality’ as well as ‘promotion of homosexuality. Whereas in Nigeria people have been convicted for homosexual offences by Islamic courts in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim North from this January.

For me this still has some gaps. But it’s always interesting to see what other people say about the subject. For many this has brought happiness and favor in their site. For others this is a fight against what they believe and do not see it as profitable in society but as a step back from what societies should be like.


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