Hot Topic

As a young guy i’m at the stage of looking out for what i can have for the future. That does consist of work, education, family life, money and most of all a relationship. In the teenage years it’s the time you are most influenced and things seem to stick to you for life during that time. It can either be good things or bad things that influence you. The area you live in my have more effect on your life, for example if you live in a quiet area with not much going on, or a big city with many distractions going on.

The media i believe is one of the most prolific entity as it teaches us what we should be like and opposes what we shouldn’t be like. As much as a lot of us do not want to admit it, it really does make an impact whether you realize it or not. Small areas such as watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta, New York, Atlanta and Orange County’ just to name a few. The Popular one there must be Keeping up with the Kardashians. Almost everyone knows about the Kardashians and how they live their lives. Especially with Kanye and Kim’s relationships which is always spoken about. One eyebrow always rises when people question how Kim Kardashian got famous to this level, most of you know that it came from the sex tape she took with Ray J who’s an American singer, song writer and rapper. As a keen user of twitter i am always bombarded with pictures captioning ‘#Relationship like this’ with the picture of Kanye and Kim Kardashian with their child or holding hands in a romantic scene. Many young girls and boys aspire to have a relationship like theirs because they believe it has what life really needs. I think that it’s an image thing as we do not actually know what happens behind closed doors which could be controversial to what we see through the media. Another powerful couple in the media are their friends Jay-Z and Beyonce who are known to be the most ‘Powerful Couple’ in the world.

Now, small areas like this really influence what we then look for in a person in the future. As much as we like to filter it through without taking much notice, it can take a involuntary thought in your mind to make you want it as well. A good woman is known to have curves, short, big bum and light complexion, whereas a guy has to be 6ft plus tall, muscular, athletic and has a beard. Many would disagree but everyone has their taste which can then lead to your decision. Celebrities are of course always in the papers and media with new stories of their broken relationships, new girlfriends/boyfriends and even small embarrassing moments they’ve had without realising paparazzi is around the corner! However some celebrities will happily entertain the paparazzi with eye catching events however some rebuke it and do not want to be part of their articles.

My question is that ‘Do you think  Celebrities influence your life or do you have a mind of your own?’ It’s difficult to speak to everyone, but if you guys have any ideas or disagree please comment!




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