What defines happiness?

I’ve got to the point in life where i am trying to figure out what really defines happiness. For some people this can be through money, clothes, shoes and most materialistic. Whereas other people can say that they prefer the natural things such as the value of family and nature that is around them. Others may find it in taking activities and going wild with their friends to share an experience. Especially at a young age you will believe that living a YOLO ‘You only live once’, is the way that we should all be living. Some believe that you only have one life and you should make the most of the time you have before you have lost it. Well that is true, but this does come with responsibility, if not it will be short lived and before you know it something bad may happen to you.

A song i always hear goes by ‘Money cant buy us happiness’, i fail to see the sense in this phrase from musicians. I do agree that the message does encourage people to enjoy life without depending so much on money, but rather on things you value the most. I believe that musicians and super stars are the worst people to say this as they live a very healthy life style. It seems to me that when they get to a point of satisfaction they start singing that it’s not about about money. A recent musician Sam Smith has made a song called ‘Money on my mind’. It’s an interesting perspective as he reiterates ‘I don’t have money on my mind, i do it for the love’. Most musicians do it so they can get paid, at the end of the day you have to feed yourself and look after your family. It’s the same with most careers, people will say i do not do this for money because i enjoy it and money isn’t an important factor. That is just a lie that they feed to people so they stay astray from it. It’s similar to the saying ‘It’s not about looks, but all about personality’. Realistically you will want to be with someone who you are attracted to as personality only goes so far, it’s a human and natural instinct to have.

The way that you live your life speaks a lot of words that you may not even say for yourself. I constantly see footballers on instagram or twitter posing in their new outfit for clothes. Prime example i admire is Emmanuel Adebayor who loves to post his Louboutin shoe collection in numbers. Baring in mind these trainers range from £500-1000 or more just for one pair. This shows to me that people do enjoy money and they feel the happiest when they can afford. What do you guys think makes you happy and when is your highest point achieved?


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