Acceptance and being known is what we humans crave for?

I have been thinking a lot recently about what brings happiness to us as humans. A lot of things can be listed really, from materialistic things to natural things surrounding us. What I’ve really been asking myself is’ Am i happy with who I am and am I satisfied with the things i have’. Answer to that is no, i don’t think i can ever be satisfied with the worldly things that are around us. This really sparked off for me when i heard the sad shooting that happened in California on 24th May 2014. As of today we found out that it was a young man of 22 who murdered 6 people then killed himself. I did not think of it much until i read an article mentioning that he had done a video the previous day about what he was planning. I then decided to watch the video for myself to see what the problem was. It turned out that the young man was feeling ‘useless’, didn’t feel loved by anyone whilst growing up. He often referred to ‘the popular kids’ not wanting to friend him, but leave him out of their lives. As well as he reiterated ‘girls not wanting me, or even have sex with me’. Also he mentioned that he had never been kissed , now that he is 22 and feels it should have happened already. He made commentary to how college/university should be the place that young people should be experimenting, making new friends and enjoying the fullness of life.

When i heard this, it made me see the situation in a different light. It showed me how much we actually value other people’s opinions and being involved. Even for myself in school i wanted to hang out with the cool kids, wear the best clothes and be part of their group. Looking back now, i do wonder why i was putting myself in that situation all for the pleasure of being seen in the eyes of others. Depression comes comes from such things, which can make your life horrible, you will be drowning in your own sorrows. It can get to the case of not being able to get out of bed, being on medication and make life a misery. My own view now would be to advice younger people to think yourself, be yourself and do not be conformed into the things that other people have. If you life a life of constantly trying to look good in front of others, it can become a become an obsession without an outlet ending in disaster. There’s so much things like gangs, murders so on, but the real killer in this society is depression where it comes from yourself. Finding things that suit you and give you pleasure will get you the best out of what you enjoy. Sometimes following your own desires rather than following the crowd gets you far. If you are able to learn it at an early age then it will help you in the future, you know what they say ‘old habits die hard’. Letting go of things you envy is hard, but if you get past that barrier it will go a long way. I hope this encourages someone to be strong, enjoy life and do not let others be an enemy of your progress. You can only have so many friends, those who may slip away during your growing up years as you develop and move into different paths. It’s best to surround yourself with those who are positive and encourage you to be the best you can be.


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