Marriage Is About The Goal, Not Your Partner

good thoughts here!


Hi guys…

This is the first post on my wordpress site… I have been doing stuff over here So, welcome.

This post should be about you, welcoming you, telling you what to expect…bla bla bla but I think I should start off with an insight I had today, concerning marriage.

I had a light bulb of some sorts after reading Five Signs That You Are Not Ready For Marriage and while I was meditating and mentally re-adjusting my stand on issues regarding female, male/ husband and wife, I wen to my Facebook page and wrote this:

“Concerning marriage, focus on the goal not your partner. ‪#‎Insight‬

A friend then asked me: what is the goal? How do u focus on it without your partners involvement?

I took a minute to put my thoughts in order and replied:

What are the things you want to achieve through marriage?…

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