Grass roots football Salford


Salford Grass-roots project is one that attracts members from Salford Mental Health service users. They meet every Friday for training at Ordsall in Trafford for sessions and play in the North West Mental health league. The group holds players of early twenties all the way up to fifties. They also facilitate a football trip annually for all of the players.

They are a self funded group who raise money from either themselves or partners. They have been able to run over 20 years with this system and it has worked well during that time. As a local group they do not get funded by the council but solely by their own means.

Their chairman Mark mentioned that he has been involved for over 20 years, going back to when they were playing at Brindall Heath. He himself is a keen football man and also enjoys getting involved with the workers and mental health victims. He mentioned that it has been an honour and pleasure to be part of such a community which seeks to help out those who have been traumatised from drug abuse, alcohol, out of work, family problems, life difficulties which lead to mental health issues. He spoke about how they have trips to York, Kingston, Birmingham which they have a mini bus provided for their journeys. Their annual abroad trips take them to Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and many more featuring in the EASI cup. As the majority of them do not work they have to receive funding from outside the group.

I believe what they are doing is very good as they provide recreational activities as well as keeping people fit every week. A lot of groups or charities lose hope they are not able to fund or keep up the attendees. But in this case although they are not up to their eyes with funding, they are able to meet up every Friday and continue to provide an environment in which people who suffering from Mental Health can come and let their hair down and enjoy company with their friends. Groups like these are which made the world a better place so that people do not suffer on their own, in their houses without any help.


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