Last few months and weeks a ‘mass leak of nude celebrity photo’s’ have bombarded social media anonymously of high profile celebrities such as Amber Rose, Jennifer Lawrence, Meagan Good without their consent.

It has come to a conclusion that technology is digging deeper into the privacy of people’s pictures without them knowing especially through iCloud and various other cloud sharing networks. One of the most influential or ‘powerful’ singers Beyoncé’s have risen out of the shell this morning. A picture of a woman who is believed to be Beyoncé has been uploaded on twitter and has had many people viewing and commenting on it. As you can imagine Beyoncé probably has one of the biggest fan bases in the world with 13 Million followers excluding fans who are not on twitter. Although it is noteworthy to point out that she isn’t a regular tweeter since she was last seen tweeting 19th August 2013, well over a year ago.


Regarding her nude picture it would seem that the person who has uploaded it probably put it up as a joke or to gain popularity online. As for Beyoncé you would assume she is one of the celebrities with a lot more privacy, plus rarely does she share information on what is going on through social media. Although a few months ago when a video of her sister Solange Knowles punching Jay-Z went viral, it almost seemed like they were having an awful family feud in which the media were very much into. TMZ were the first to get grab of the footage and posted in online in which millions of people ended up seeing. Similarly to a comment made by Karrueche Tran via teleprompter on a live show of 106 & Park aired on B.E.T commented on Blue Ivy by saying ‘I really did wake up like this, because my parents never comb my hair.’ This also was mocking the song Flawless by Beyoncé. Shortly after this incident B.E.T president Stephen Hill had to apologise for what had been written on the script as a mistake. It landed headlines of ‘The power of Beyoncé & Blue Ivy has B.E.T’s ‘106 & Park’ in a state of emergency.’ Perhaps with this picture is may become eradicated from the internet with such stern power Beyoncé seems to have over these situations.


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