Oscar Pistorious Sentence Set


After over a year the sentence of Oscar Pistorious has been set. He has been given five years imprisonment, which his legal team have said he will see through ten months in the hospital wing at Pritoria prison before he heads into house sentencing.

For many this will be a surprise as you would expect a much longer sentence as he has taken the life of another human being. With that being said, it all comes down to the law and what he has breached as well as terms at conditions of how the case went about.

In court it seems it is all about ‘what you can prove’. As much as there was evidence of Pistorious killing Steenkamp, the accounts of ‘witnesses’ ceased to put much strength into the case against him. Such statements as ‘I heard a noise’, can be sometimes vague in court. Information such as this needs to be precise as you do not want to make life changing decisions based on weak statements.

However this sentence of five years over culpable homicide of Reeva Steenkamp has finally been agreed. After many months of spectators waiting to hear the verdict, it has come to pass. Pistorious’s family have confirmed that he will not be appealing against the sentencing, which sends a strong message of remorse as you can not justice his actions any further.

For many spectators it will come to a shock on how he may only serve one third of his sentence depending  on how he lives in jail, which may seem unfair in many eyes. However in many cases this tends to happen especially when the prisoner lives in peace and does not cause problems whilst he is there. As well as more evidence is unlikely to come out since the case has finished.

The Steenkamp family have said that the sentence is ‘the right sentence’. As you can imagine this is the end of the hard road they have had to face for over a year since the death of their daughter. Has justice been done to Pistorious? Only time will tell through his remorse and actions towards the family in the future years to come.

On top of this the judge has sentenced Pistorious for an addition of three years in prison wholly suspended, the second count of firearm contravention.


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