Why men rarely discuss body image issues


A Poll was recently carried out online by AOL and they found that a lot of men care about their appearance more than they do about relationships, health and jobs. A lot of respondents said that they were not sure about their appearance at least once a week.

Around 66% of males wish that they would lose weight. A vast majority do not like having their pictures taken, reason being that they are afraid of being judged.

This is interesting to me as this links back to women as they are known to concentrate on what they look like as well as talking about it in public. If you go into a shop and visit the magazine section you are most likely to be hit by the popular magazines such as OK! Magazine, Heat, Glamour and Vogue. Not only do they focus on body appearance but also their clothing and footwear.

However with the poll saying men do worry about their appearance more than women perhaps triggers to why it is not talked about more often. Of course you do get males talking about men gaining muscle as that is an attractive sentiment men can discuss. But beside gaining muscle, on the ‘normal’ scale men tend to shy away from the subject compared to women who may freely discuss it. Why is it that men cannot feel free to discuss their bodily appearance, but decide to keep it to themselves?

As men do care about their appearance, the problem comes as they do not know how to react to it. As the popular world view of a perfect male which includes a lean and toned with muscle. Viewing the images seems to pose a threat to their own body so that poses a disappointment and shyness to show or even talk about their own body image as it doesn’t meet the standard.

Whilst women are happily talking to their friends about their concerns, men at this point will be bottling what they think. This sometimes leads to being depressed and feeling dissatisfied with their appearance and not know what to do about it. The furthest extent men will go when relating to body issues will be sport related and that is as far as it goes. Personally I think that it is a ego as Body Image Issues are ‘unmanly’ and may not change in the near future.

Image: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Young_man_with_dimples.jpg


2 thoughts on “Why men rarely discuss body image issues

  1. And this is why EVERYONE needs feminism. Because displaying any type of “feminine” body image distortion is so unacceptable for men, they bottle it up and it damages them. Great post! Care to check out my blog? Downwiththenorm.com


    1. Hey I agree and see where you are coming from. It is based a lot on image, but on that case we cannot speak for everyone. Other than that i will check out your blog, if you could reblog some of my stuff and share it i will happily do the same back!

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