Are The Halloween Ebola Nurse Outfits Insulting?

Recently there has been an outburst to the nurse outfits for Halloween that has gone into shops causing controversy. For many this will be concerning as we know that the Ebola virus is killing thousands of people across West Africa and this can be seen as an insult to such a tragedy. It’s a very controversial costume, presumably the designer thought it would be a bit of fun to make it, as some would say ‘banter’.

As you can see it’s priced at ‘only’ £45 which is even more insulting as to why you would pay such a high price for something insulting? Perhaps if it was a lower price would it be more acceptable, or show no notion to how it is really affecting people. Personally i think that it could be possibly redeemed by saying the high price is to send money to those who are suffering with the Ebola disease in the most effected places.

People on twitter have been upset about the unpleasant costume which has almost eradicated human decency to the point of it being described as ‘sexy costumes have gone out of control’, which i believe is rightly said.

However some people have taken a different angle and have decided to wear covering masks and costumes of those who are helping the patients. The lady and man beside the person in the middle seem to represent the poor patients.

It’s an interesting report as you can see that there has previously been costumes for suicide bombers, paedophile priests and 9/11. It’s described as ‘comedy’ and a way of navigating our condolences into something amusing. However the after affect of those who have suffered or know personally people who have suffered may not take this lightly and of course see it as an offence.

For me it seems that the word ‘Sexy’ is being attempted to portray the costumes or the issue as a light hearted. Seems that instead of us facing ‘truths that are difficult to process’, we like to make it into Halloween costumes and use it to our amusement. It seems that some of our generation will do anything for some ‘attention’. Perhaps this is the time we should be highlighting the real threat and effect of the Ebola Virus.


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