Breaks Ups Outcome

A couple of weeks ago I did a poll on ‘Who deals with break ups worse? Men or women? As options it was either men, women or equal pain.

The poll had related to a show which i listened to called OnTalkTopicShow. It’s a really good interactive show which is widely tuned in by people aged 17-22, majority being university students. Personally it makes me look forward to Tuesday and Sunday nights, in hope of a good topic and discussion with people similar age to myself.

To the important results of the poll it came to 15 votes for men, 15 votes for women and 7 for equal pain. This made it slightly difficult to comment upon as it was equal, and not a substantial vote was put on equal pain.

A comment that struck from a fellow blogger commented ‘Wow, I just voted! The current results are quite amusing to me. Men and women have an equal amount of votes (15), but the equal category only has 7 votes. Seem ironic…’ To this comment i would agree, but i cannot comment for everyone who voted.

Having spoke to people who voted personally, especially girls, they were confused to the fact that men have that many votes. The argument was that ‘men’ seem to find it easy to go around and have multiple relations than to settle down with one. Whereas women find it harder to go around as they tend to want to keep their feelings exclusive. In relation to breaking up that would result in them suffering as they have a stronger emotional attachment than guys would usually have.

From a guys perspective comments I heard related to women being ‘inconsiderate’ to how guys actually feel. Many guys claimed that them showing ‘feelings’ is seen as a hinderance to their relationship and may generally want to keep it to themselves and cry in private. Usually it is assumed that men get over relationships quickly and move on unbelievably quick, which from the votes proved they did not. Perhaps the equal number of votes for women presented that there isn’t a big gap between the way people deal with break ups.

I would say that people deal with break ups differently and can be stemmed from how they have experienced relationships in the past, or the way they were brought up. However these discussions do not count for everyone’s perspective, rather a small amount. For conclusions purpose it all seems equal in this aspect and all depends on their personal relationship and perhaps the length they have been together contributes in many ways.



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