Gemma Collins regrets leaving the jungle

You would have never thought this would ever happen. That’s right Gemma Collins has come out saying she regrets leaving the jungle. If you are a fan of I’m A Celebrity you would be shocked, just as I am. During her time there, she was very theatrical and made it clear she did not want to be there.

Deep down I had a feeling she would regret it, but after she left she mentioned how nobody knew how she felt and struggled to pull through. Also apparently how she had been in the jungle for ‘6 days’ not 2 days as we had seen on television. One thing for sure seemed to me that she has not watched the show before as ants and other little animals seemed to bother her a lot.

It is understandable when you are in a bad place that you claim you do not regret it as you are unable to carry on. However she appeared on This Morning show on ITV and went onto mention how she regrets leaving early. She said;

“I regret it terribly because on a personal level it was the dream job I always wanted. I am devastated about the events before that.

“I had been through an horrific ordeal 24 hours before I left for Australia. I was in so much shock, shock trauma.

After hearing those statements, for me personally it became hard to sympathise with her. Since she claims ‘It was the dream ‘job’ I always wanted’, why would you leave your dream job after two days.

Later after she had left, it was infact a bit of a relief to say the least. It becomes almost unbearable when you are trying to enjoy an entertainment programme but you have a contestant constantly complaining. Perhaps a person such as Gemma Collins who is a ‘reality’ TV star, should face ‘reality’ rather than fake lines and scenarios. Many of her fans will now have seen her true character, especially after giving up after two days.


These four gif images really sum up her blitz of a short journey in the jungle…



Gemma Collins Gifs link:


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