Best summer signing 2014?

We’re nearing halfway through the season, what a season it’s been. I think it’s right to evaluate which players have caused the biggest impact in Premier League football 2014/15.

Undoubtedly if you are keen on following all teams you would not have missed the strong start Alexis Sanchez and Diego Costa have had. Not only did they come and score a few, but instead have made a huge impact. For me as a fan this is exciting as you love to see top players instantly make a difference. You pay a lot of money to go and see football matches and expect good results.

First I would start with Diego Costa, Spanish footballer recently moved from Athletico Madrid. He immediately came to Chelsea with all guns blazing and hasn’t stopped scoring since. With 17 goals in 19 games, that’s incredible, almost a goal every game. Compared to Saldado from Tottenham FC’s signing in 2013, everybody was expecting him to do the same also as he had been one of the top scorers in La Liga previous to move. However Costa has got a bit of a reputation of causing a bit of trouble on the pitch in terms of bullying other people. In my view it is a good thing as people will then know your presence and will fear you next time. But it can be taken too far, for example when he stood on Emre Can’s foot during the Capital one second leg match. With all that being said he is by far one of the best signings this football season.

Second signing would be Alexis Sanchez. He is quick, electric and fantastic to watch almost every game. He is dearly loved by Arsenal fans and has made a huge impact in their season this year. Unfortunately unlike Costa who’s team are at the top, Arsenal are currently 5th, 1 point from 4th. It has become a trade mark that Arsenal should come 4th every year and haven’t managed to escape that and progress any further. With many of the injured players returning it is a boost for them and may spur them on in the last half of the season. Alexis has scored 18 goals In all competitions including 12 in the Premier League. Some are quick to say Arsenal is a one man team, however they have had 18 different scorers throughout the campaign. Perhaps Mr Wenger is doing something great that we are not seeing, all the best for the team for the rest of the season.

In conclusion the English leagues are one of the hardest places to come and play your football. Some will fit in perfectly, some won’t and have a dry season. The exciting teams in UK always present a fantastic competitive game, similar to the shocking games we witnessed over the weekend in the FA Cup 4th round. Chelsea being beaten 4-2 after than early lead at home was by far the biggest shock of the weekend. Hopefully in the future more players coming into the league will do the same and show what an amazing league this is for the next season.


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