Is there anything wrong with being posh?


Being posh usually comes with the labels ‘stuck up’, ‘rich’, or occasional ‘snob’ in the upper British class. It is something ‘lesser’ people do not usually like to associate with as it isn’t a good ‘trait’.

I too have been a victim of ‘posh-bashing’ not merely because of my life style, but the way that I speak and the fact I’m from Canterbury in Kent (Garden of England). More often it has come from northerners (not insulting them) but that is how they see it. Perhaps it’s because they have not been down south, as soon as they hear you speak “Oh my gosh, you sound posh!” to which I sigh.

I might have a southern accent, but I know where I stand on the poshometre and it is far from Made in Chelsea! I am a big fan of the show and the poshest person on the show is undoubtedly Mark Francis Vandelli who is the borough’s most fabulously flamboyant inhabitant. Here’s a few of my Favourite lines from him:

“I once knew someone who had a sleeping bag and the moment I found out, that friendship was over”

On nandos… “I thought it was a wine bar”

“Unless you have a family tiara, you don’t wear one”

“Topshop is definitely a turn off”

“It’s looking a bit, dare I say it, BEIGE”

“I am not one for physical exercise”

“Never talk of the opera in front of those who don’t frequent it”

“I have a penchant for over-accessorising, it’s in my blood. I am a maximalist, I cant help it”

“I am curating a rose petal exhibition at the moment”

Those are just a few of my favourite lines are, they really make me chuckle every time I read them, personally. (Best to imagine his voice, sounds more epic!)

Back on track to being posh as I was saying. I do not think there is anything with being posh, even though there are levels to it. Majority of these people are privately educated, have nice houses and often go to Ox-Bridge and live lavishly which isn’t a bad thing. In all honesty I would say I’m a little jealous. An upper class life seems effortless, however from speaking to people in that zone, it is just as hard but less obvious with plenty of privileges. These kind of people contribute a lot to our society which many people may not have the chance to do so.

To conclude I would say if you are reading this and you happen to be posh, I envy you don’t be ashamed. It’s a life many people wish for but do not inherit it immediately. You are in a position to make a difference in our society which should be applauded. For those who are not, keep smiling because we cannot all drink Champagne like water as Mark Francis does, however remember there are more things to life than money that can also bring you happiness.


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