Arsenal through in a tight FA Cup thriller!

Arsenal v Reading - FA Cup Semi-Final

Arsenal is en-route to win their second FA Cup two years in a row after not winning a trophy in 9 years. They managed to get through a tough game against Reading on Saturday 18th April.

Many people thought Arsenal were going to have an easy game as they’re on top form winning 8 premier league games in a row, but it left people surprised. Arsenal seemed to be in control of the game first half couldn’t get past the resilient Reading side. After many attempts Arsenal finally got some space to break which led to Mesut Ozil putting a sublime ball in for Alexis Sanchez, which he took a great touch, great footwork then put it in the back of the net. It felt like the moment would never come for Arsenal to find the back of the net. Ozil in fact has 8 assists in the FA Cup more than anyone has ever achieved.

Reading clearly came with an agenda to disrupt Arsenal’s fluent ball play which they have been displaying effortlessly the last two months. The players came in hard with challenges in attempt to scare Arsenal and get a break through that. First half they attempted numerous occasions, but second half they stepped up a notch which led to them getting a few opportunities in the final third. In the end Reading managed to get a goal through fantastic final third play between them. At this point it was game on, with the stadium split 50/50 between fans it was tense for them all, spurring their team to win before the 90 minute mark is reached.

In a fairy tale you would expect Arsenal to push through and win before that mark hit, but unfortunately they were unable to. Reading keeper deserves a lot of credit as he saved his team in numerous occasions, especially the save he made against Gabriel Paulista’s head which almost went beyond him. Arsenal came through with 23 shots and 9 on target against 12 shots and 4 on target for Reading. Overall the Reading chances looked more dangerous, especially as they were underdogs the way they went about it was impressive. In fact it would be obtuse to call them underdogs as many lower league teams do very well in the FA Cup and force it into the last stages very well. Bradford City is an example of this beating Chelsea this year and performing extraordinarily in the last few years

Nevertheless Arsenal pulled through in the end with another goal from Alexis Sanchez which happened to be a mistake from Federeci Reading’s keeper. They now face Aston Villa who beat Liverpool on Sunday for their spot in the FA Cup final on May 30th. This year Arsenal will in fact playing against a player league side for them to prove a point. Perhaps it can be another 5-0 Premier League performance from when they beat Aston Villa in February. Although it goes without saying that literally anything can happen in the FA Cup, we will have to wait and see what happens on the day.


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