Be part of a generation that strives for success


How many times have you heard ‘Our generation lacks…’ well I have heard it numerous times.
This is a common phrase that has become a part us youngsters without even realising. We never question this label but instead continue with our daily lives. In reality we are conforming to things that we may not want to intentionally because everyone else is doing it.

I believe that we have power to change our lives, if we learn to take opportunities as well as up lift ourselves and those around us. The words that we speak over ourselves have so much power, which result to the actions we take.

Every time I hear our generation lacks communication, skills to make a difference and to even strive for success, I take it lightly and do nothing about it.However I do believe that we can make a difference if we learn to say ‘no’. If we go with a mindset of “I’m going to be different and do something great with my life”.

Recently I met someone who said they felt people are too comfortable with what they have and do not strive for better, to which I agreed. Especially most of us who are privileged to live in England, we are able to get an ‘ok’ job and still feed ourselves and pay for our rent. This mentality will leave us looking at other people and constantly thinking ‘why don’t I have that or why are they so lucky’. I do not believe in luck because anything you want needs you to work extremely hard, even if it means you have to sacrifice your social time or even your finances.

Sometimes you maybe at a place in your life where you may not want to be, but it will do because it feels ‘ok’. I think that an attitude of being content with what we have is a barrier for our success which we may never know because of that. When in reality you could be doing something much better that what you are doing now. Life is too short to sit around waiting for magic to happen, instead we should make everyday count and make the best of opportunities around us and use people who have done well as mentors to guide you.

My encouragement really is to look at ‘our generation lacks’, take note and look at where to apply yourself even more in your life and say no to those things that are being an enemy of your progress. We should learn to not follow stereotypes but instead be a confident person who strives for more to make a difference. ‘If you don’t build your dreams someone else will hire you to build theirs’.


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