Dooms day arrives: Election Day 2015

Well would you believe it, the election day that we have all been dreading has finally come. After weeks and months of campaigning we will finally see who will come out on top. They all seem to promise the best for our country, will they actually fulfil their promises or are they selling us dreams? They all speak of change with a claim of being the ‘clear choice’ to vote for.

I can begin with the Tories with Prime Minister David Cameron claiming his party is for the ‘working people’. In the Tories manifesto there was a claim that it was a ‘plan for every stage’, also aiming at voters of all ages.  They have a plan to scrap tax for those on minimum wage. Realistically that would be great as those who work zero hour contracts or low hour part time jobs will benefit from the change. At the moment with living expenses being quite high, this would be a great addition. It would be almost bizarre for Mr Cameron to forget such a thing since he constantly talks about the ‘Economy’.

Another which he is promising is giving 30 hours a week free child care for working families which will allow them more freedom. If you have children or are planning to, this will be a surplus as it will allow you to do other thing regarding work throughout the day. This promise hopes to save families up to £5,000 a year, exceeding labours 25 hours a week.

Besides all the sweet talk that we have heard from David Cameron promising us a better future, here are some of the promises they have failed since the Tories have been in

power. There are more than 50 promises that have been broken; can you really trust them again with letting them back in power?

  • ·We will balance the books by 2015 – The truth: Britain still have a budget deficit of 90 Billion
  • We will pay down Britain’s debts – The truth: George Osborne borrowed £500billion in five years, more than labour did in 13 years
  • We will get net immigration down to tens of thousands – The truth: Net immigration is almost 300,000 per year
  • No more top down reorganisations of the NHS – The truth: 3 Billion wasted on the biggest reorganisation of the NHS in history
  • We will improve living standards – The truth: Families £1,600 a year worse off than in 2010
  • GP’s access promised 12 hours a day, seven days a week – The truth: Patients face up to 10 day wait to see their family doctor

Whereas Ed Milliband he is planning to abolish the zero hour’s contracts. They will work by giving an employee the right to a regular contract after 12 weeks of working regular hours. The zero hour contracts undermine family life as you could have work one day and the other you are unable to get work. Also an important factor including education is to lower tuition fees to £6,000 from £9,000 which have put a huge debt burden on those who started university in 2012 onwards.

Labour’s five promises include; a stronger economic foundation, higher living standards for working families, plans on immigration with 1,000 new border staff and exit check. An NHS with the time to care is another; the way they have been talking about the NHS seems like some kind of joke. All of the parties in my opinions should have the same values about the NHS. It should be our country’s pride and joy that deserves all it can get with those who are campaigning to be in power. Concluding with the point that a country where the next generation can do better than the last.

As always politicians make all these promises which may end up being broken due to situation changes. It becomes like a pick and mix for which ones they will keep or discharge. So on your venture to place your vote I would say you should know what each of the parties manifestos say and think carefully who you believe will make our country a better place. Every vote matters whether it be Conservatories, SNP, UKIP, Lib Dems, Labour, Green and many others campaigning. On that note, happy voting!


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