Mourinho hits out at critics after his team have been called ‘boring’

Chelsea Football Club ended their 5 year Premier league trophy draught on Sunday after beating Crystal Palace 1-0. The only goal of the game came from the PFA player of the year Eden Hazard just before half time. Notably it is impressive how they won with 3 games to go and no one putting any kind of pressure on them.
It was a well controlled game with Chelsea having 61% possession, creating that one chance that Eden Hazard finished off with a header. Crystal palace only managed to finish the game with off with 1 shot on target from the whole 90 minutes of the game.
Meanwhile off the pitch Chelsea’s manager Jose Mourinho is one who is known for media attention. He is well known for his remarks as well as regular digs to other managers in the league. It seems that his mind games that he likes to play work effectively on other people. Instead people are offended by what he is saying, regardless whether it is the truth or not.
Recent altercation came after they played Arsenal at the Emirates stadium on the 26th of April finishing with a 0-0 draw. In perspective it was a well measured out game from both teams which failed to score against each other. Chelsea’s intentions were clear as soon as the line up was revealed. They started off with a complete team of defenders and midfielders with Oscar upfront, who is not a recognised striker. However it worked for them, until half time when Oscar suffered an injury and Didier Drogba had to come on and replace him. At the end of the game the Arsenal fans were booing them and saying that they played boring. The press conference after the game, Mourinho said ‘The only boring thing is that they had to wait 10 years without a trophy’.
In all honesty Chelsea is the team that shows a great character, regardless of the way they go about it. Mourinho is right by saying you will be remembered for the cups you win, not how you win them. Chelsea are often noted as the team that ‘parks the bus’, instead of playing ‘good’ football. The term ‘good football’ is now generic as everybody has they own view on what it means.
Mourinho has hailed his team after the win by saying “it’s been a long time. We’ve been great this season, fully deserve it”. The players have gained so much confidence after winning the league and the Capital One cup. They believe now is the time they can win the Premier league and Champions league again next year.

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