Politicians quitting, dropping one by one like flies

Keeping it Sho! (As they say in London)
Keeping it Sho! (As they say in London)

What an odd morning with the election results that we have seen this morning. It’s always exciting to sit and watch what is going on with the General Election results and what party is ahead. For me as a first time voter I was not really sure what to expect so my excitement was a lot higher than it usually is. We’ve already had; Ed Miliband resign as Labour leader, Nigel Farage resign, Nick Clegg resign after that embarrassing result, Ed Balls loss and Boris Johnson becoming an MP oh and Old Dave won an overall majority, WOW what a morning!

What is really odd to me is the fact the politicians that used the media a lot and made a campaign that seemed seamless and ‘likely’ to put a winning performance. The regulars that took over my TV were Ed Miliband with his regular digs at Cameron and Nigel Farage selling himself dreams that he would make UK a better country. Like seriously who actually thought UKIP could run the country and genuinely trust them. Well evidently all that went to waste as they only got 1 seat from their whole campaign and even Farage lost in his own constituency.

When I began to see the large campaign signs in my home town of Canterbury of UKIP, I just thought seriously do they think it is going to work. After their sexist comments against women, irrational observations on immigration which nobody liked, except the old fashion. Nigel Farage reminds me of one of those young boys at school who try and get popular with witty jokes then, when the real deal is coming up he fails miserably.

Then there was Ed Miliband the ‘optimist’, quite frankly I don’t think I have ever heard anyone so optimistic about how bright he thinks the future will be. He made everything sound simple and acting as if he will change everything so dramatically. To his surprise Mr Cameron has gone and won a majority with more realistic approaches. To be honest speaking to a lot of students they voted for him because he said he will put down the tuition fees to £6,000, question is where will the other £3,000 that needs to be covered come from? Other than that everything else he proposed hasn’t been favoured, which is reflective on the results.

I think it is quite clever how David Cameron had this campaign under his palm and didn’t try and force it too much with declining various TV debates with an odd excuse of ‘If the greens aren’t attending, then I’m not’. Although he did have a TV debate as well as a question time last week he kept his campaigning on ground level by visiting places and doing talks.

As of last night a lot of people were excited to see Labour seemed to have done well in the exit polls and thought they had a genuine chance of doing well in the General election. However I don’t think that the exit polls showed a clear result of what was to happen. Especially since it was probably completed by around 20,000 people (majority labour), compared to the 64.1million people in the UK. Perhaps people who support labour were happy and quick to put what they chose without being shy. Whereas Tories supporters were not too fussed about doing it and were a bit shy. In all honesty the exit poll results sold EVERYONE dreams.

Anyway besides all of that we now have the Conservatives have won and we just have to move on with life and see them fulfil the promises that they have told us. A few of those promises are realistic and some are quite scary if you ask me. We may leave the European Union if Cameron does not secure reform in Europe he may campaign against membership of the EU. Scotland may become a federal state fresh from the success of the SNP who are now a significant plaid bloc in Westminster. Economic recovery is not quite a done deal as of yet, it depends on the worldwide upturn. Before the elections the economic growth was at its lowest for three years. More cuts are likely to take place in areas we may not want; Tories said they will save £1 in every £100. However there has been no explanation where £12bn of welfare cuts will come from. There has been a promise that a law of VAT, national insurance and income tax cannot increase for 5 years. These are just some things which we will await and see how the Government will deal with them and put them into force.


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