Trust Issues, Or Nah?


In this day and age a lot more young people are getting into relationships very early, most likely when they are not even ready. Being in love is something that is flowered down by the media, Rom-Com movies and even seeing other people in public.

For me I haven’t declared my love to anyone, yet. I have seen a lot of people in relationships and seem to be having the time of their lives. Some are ecstatic whilst celebrating their 6 months relationship, whereas some are already on 3 years and pushing onwards.

My issue comes with people who have been together for so long, but their families are unaware of it. You can call that ‘life on the edge’, not particularly something I would take part in. Some of these people are under 20 years old and have been in long term relationships and do not seem to have any signs of breaking up anytime soon. I just wonder if they think it is a problem that they can keep their parents unaware for such a long period of time.

It can be from either side when a girlfriend’s parent knows about the boyfriend and always comes round. Whereas the boyfriends parents are unaware of this girl and they have never seen anything of her, visa versa. I don’t know about you but I think I would be in a dilemma, especially with someone that I ‘love’. Or in another case you could just be the side person whilst they have another person their parents know about, hope not!

There are some obvious reasons such as the parents not approving of; the colour, religion, personal character and even nationality. A lot of parents are stern on that their kids should not get into relationships with certain people with those kinds of backgrounds, or worse to not allow their child to get into a relationship until they are 40, mature and finally have grey hair. However, believe me, majority of parent spot things quicker than you may think and know different characters through their experience. It is likely that majority of the time they are correct and know what they are talking about.

I think my advice in this kind of area is to be really honest with yourself and ask is this something you really want. There will come a point when you are so deep into something that you find it hard to come out. Even an event of someone getting pregnant, how will you get out of that situation if your parents are unaware of the relationship you are in? It would be a softer blow if it’s someone your parents know as they can offer support, whereas if it’s someone they are aware of then it creates even more problems and loses credibility of your accountability. However if you are so serious about the person then you should probably think about introducing them to your parents soon as waiting longer may not benefit both parties.


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