Is Prince Harry starting to feel the loneliness?


For some reason Prince Harry seems like he’s feeling the adulthood loneliness as he draws to a close of Military closure. He has come out that he wants a love life but is in no rush to, as he wants it to be the right time and the perfect timing. Funnily enough he said a similar statement about four years ago to the same questions. He is coming to an end of his time in the Military, after completing he has desires of whereas his older brother is already on the second child, what exactly has gone wrong for Harry? When he was born he was 3rd in line to be his grandmother’s successor but is now 5th in line after the birth of his brother’s child.

Last couple of years Harry has been enjoying life but doing the opposite I would do everything that posh people do. I would play polo, drink ridiculous amount of tea, play golf, live in a manor house in the country side and put a napkin on the top of my shirt. I would probably dress in khaki trousers with a Ralph Lauren shirt and a cardigan wrapped around my neck, basically dressed like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

In the last couple of years Harry has had many relationships, but many have failed unfortunately due to various circumstances. His most recent girlfriend Cressida Bonas from last year, he admitted that he was at cross roads of his personal life and career as well as announcing that he will be leaving the Military. He believes that he is ready for an office job as being in the military is not compatible with his Royal role.

Prince Harry claims that he wants to be normal and doesn’t want to have the connotations of having everything and feeling superior for the rest of his life with feeling ‘sane’. To be honest I have huge respect for him since he is making comments like this, being part of the Royal Family seems to make you secluded and far away from the real world.

We cannot even say that he is a young man beginning his life anymore, he is 30 years old and growing up very quickly. Before he knows it he’ll be 40 years old with no wife or children. For someone of us presence I would imagine it would be easy for him to be in a position like that without having to try so hard. His brother is two years older than him and already has two children. Harry agrees there is a time to settle down, but I don’t think I can force these things, they happen on their own.



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