People who complain about animal cruelty but happily eat meat


I don’t know about you but I’ve been indulging myself in Bear Grylls’s The Island show which has had a version of men and women. As a big Bear fan I thoroughly enjoyed the series, both the men and the women.  Bear set up a challenge whereby the groups of men and women had separate islands. They were both abandoned in inhabited islands, which at first sell you the perfect dream island or holiday. But that dream is quickly turned down by the tempestuous rain season, lack of food, missing family and no motivation.

If people are able to complain about animal cruelty that has been seen on TV, what about the meat that’s in shops nationwide, let alone worldwide? An Animal Welfare group including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said: “Channel 4 had shown a ‘Callous disregard for life’ on the show. I think some people assume that meat is wrapped in cotton wool and placed in shelves in the shops. Well you have another thing coming, that is not how it works.

You can argue that they’re killed in a less volatile environment such as being electrified or a softer killing. Somehow killing with a knife and slaughtering the animal is all of a sudden wrong? Killing an animal regardless of the action is still killing it. What happened to being traditional, animals have been slaughtered like this for centuries, and this is not the first time.

The episode that received the complaints was of the women. They were at a point of fighting for survival and the only option they had was to kill a pair of pigs. They had befriended them for a few days and got to a point of desperate hunger to survive. In the end they ended up killing the pigs and filled themselves with protein for energy. The concept of survival is clear here and should be understood. Unfortunately a crocodile that was killed hadn’t been identified by Channel 4 as endangered, to which they have apologised for.

Channel 4 have received around 500 complaint on a ‘SURVIVAL’ show, come on like really? I mean I do understand the concept of animal cruelty and that it shouldn’t be portrayed as pleasure, but in this situation I cannot understand the complaints. If you are unable to watch something like this, then there are 100s of other programmes you could watch on TV. It is likely that a lot of the people that have complained are meat eaters; therefore they are just contradicting them. These kinds of people have clearly never been on a farm where this happens every day to feed the nation, nobody complains has rallies to stop what farmers are doing?

I really think the complains are boring and shouldn’t really be news. Perhaps if they have eaten hundreds of the animals and point them at a point of being extinct, then I would agree. But it was one or two, how many of those animals are on this planet? For me it is just an attention seeking protest, everybody has a right to protest but this is just not worth our time and attention.

The protesters should really get themselves to 10 Downing Street and protest matters that are relevant since they have a lot of time on their hands. In other countries people have to survive like this and that is there only option for feeding themselves and their families, is that also wrong?

I think such things should be addressed in schools as I believe we have been flowered so much in UK and forget what real survival involves, then receive a shock when it is televised.


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