That daunting moment when I realised there’s more to the other sex!

precocious puberty

Let me just hop into my little spaceship and travel back to when I was turning into a teenager and what happened during that period. It was probably one of the most interesting periods of my life, especially with a lot of changes. Not necessarily changes in environment, but in terms of my body and mindset. Yes that right, puberty!

At the time I didn’t really think of it as dramatic, so much that I do now. It usually starts when you are 7 to 13 years old for girls and for guys 9 and 15. Everyone is different and it will start at a different time compared to someone else’s. This might explain why some of your friends might look older than you whereas some look younger. If you are over 18 and still look like a kid, then you might just be lagging a few years behind!

Now seeing girls was another thing that was an interesting intervention. All the previous years to that I saw everyone the same and no different to each other. Obviously I could see that older women are slightly different from girls my own age, but really I thought nothing of it. All of a sudden through TV and seeing people in public, I was like wow is that what girls are for? Since this time it really shaped how I looked at girls in general, I really began to like what I was seeing. In all honesty, it wasn’t by force it just happened and there was nothing I could do about it. I had always treated girls the same as my other guy friends, but now things were about to change. That special hormone had started to travel through my blood and give testes to signal to begin the production of testosterone and sperm, how exciting!

Anyway back to my point, it was a very fun part of my childhood. Within a few years things were just changing and I was so scared and confused of what was going on. An earlier memory that I have is when I was in year 6 and we were changing for P.E in class, as you do. I lifted my arm up and saw a little hair under my arm pit. I have never dropped my arm so quickly in my life in shock and just stared into space for a few seconds. At that point I wasn’t entirely sure if I was dreaming or I genuinely saw something there. Anyway I returned home and decided to examine it, yes it was indeed real and not a dream. After a few weeks more and more kept coming, I decided to ask one guy who was in my class to ask if he was getting it or knew what was happening. I just wanted assurance that I wasn’t turning into a monkey, after all I had read about evolution, perhaps I was turning into a gorilla that you usually see on the evolution process timeline.

For me I didn’t have older brothers or sisters who I could ask what was going on in the comfort of my own home. My only help was to ask other people, definitely not my parents because that would be so embarrassing. Luckily my friends had older brothers and sisters so they managed to help me out and tell me that it was in fact normal and I wasn’t turning into a gorilla or anything like that. From that point I just accepted that I might see other things on my body to ruin my perfectly hairless, carved young body that you assume you’ll have for life.

From this exciting part of my life I believe it shaped me to how I am now. Obviously as I am a little bit older I have different opinions on certain things through maturity, however that period really changed everything. Although this is only a guy’s perspective, would be interesting to see how girls went through that particular period of their lives.


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