My experience as a northerner, so far!

Well would you believe it, I managed to last a whole year in Manchester! I assumed that everywhere in the country whether north or south would be exactly the same just a different accent, but no, I was in total shock. Ok maybe that was a slight exaggeration.

First of all I’d say I’ve had a great year in Manchester as a student, venturing far up north away from home, on my own with a lot of responsibility on my hands. It was an interest journey to say the least as I learnt a lot about myself. When they say ‘You find out who you really are at University’, it is true! A lot of times I would spend with my friends and other times by myself and really reflect on myself without any distractions.

Anyway to my point of my experience.

1. Your accent is weird and unfamiliar to many people.

As i’m from ‘Daaan saaaath’ as some people would say, everyone seemed to think I sounded extremely posh and well spoken. This made no sense to me as I’ve only ever heard people from my area and the occasional different accent when you travel for a few days away from home. Literally every time I spoke someone would be like “Where are you from, you’re not from around here are you?!” and I reply with ‘Canterbury’ which sounds posh enough. Fortunately I did not catch onto the northern accent and catch myself saying “bath” instead of “bar-th” and “laff” instead of laugh. (To those reading this who I’ve met in the last few months) I am not going to lie the first few weeks I did not have a clue what you were saying, hence I would say ‘what did you say, sorry?’ over and over again. However I am getting grip to it and starting to understand you guys, in fact I love you all!

2. Everyone is friendly and I wasn’t sure why.

It was so strange the way everyone is nice to you up north as southerners aren’t at all like that. Where I come from you would only ever smile or say hello to someone who you knew personally, sometimes even if you know someone they would happily walk past without saying anything as if you had never met. But I must say that it was an amazing experience up north even on my first week a random man gave me his day bus ticket worth £4, can you believe it! No one down south would ever give that to you. Excuse me for saying £4, it is totally because I was on a student budget ;). If you are from London it’s even worse if you do not know where you are going, everybody there expects you to know where you are going, especially in the underground train services. You are in some ones’ way if you are taking time, plus they are in no shape or form to help you out unfortunately. So Manchester, thank you for being genuine nice people!

3. New supermarkets and shops never seen before.

At home I had been totally accustomed to going to Asda, which I could operate myself around very quickly and know where everything is. But as soon as I went to Manchester . I have never seen so many Morrisons shops or Sainsburys in my life, which was a total shock. Another new shop was Booths, which is like Waitrose but a little bit nicer. I must say at the end of a University day I’d go there to buy popcorn and even meat that has been reduced for us students on a cheeky budget! 😉

4. Transport is ridiculously cheap!

Before I went to university I wasn’t too fussed travelling as I had been used to paying high prices to travel around, if you live in Kent you’ll know! When I heard that a train from Salford to town was £1.20 return I almost collapsed, I thought heaven had come early, but really I was facing reality. Back home If I want to travel from Canterbury to Ashford (The next town) which takes the same amount of time (10-12 minutes) it costs £8, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Not only the trains but the buses are very cheap too. I only realised this when I came home over Christmas after first semester when I wanted to take my usual 5 minute bus to town which cost £3, you really should have seen my reaction as if I had seen something absolutely disgusting. Anyhow, If you are from down south I definitely recommend moving up north!

5. The news is absolutely action packed everyday.

As a keen journalist I obviously had to follow Manchester Evening News on Facebook and Twitter. Almost everyday you hear a robbery, someone has been stabbed, gun crimes or anything horrific you can only imagine on the scene of a Mr Monk Police investigation programme. I remember one day I was in a lecture and decided to check what had been happening that day. First thing I saw was that a man has been stabbed on a round about by men who were after him on motorbikes. I thought ‘How, what who when where?!’, as in who does this kind of stuff at 4pm in the afternoon. But now I am accustomed to reading stuff like that on the Manchester Evening News everyday or every other day. It’s not a good thing that these things are happening, but I’ve got to grips with living in a big city compared to where I live. You would only ever hear stuff like that where I live once in a blue moon, so Manchester did feel a little weird at first.

6. Every time you visit home you realise it’s just not quite as good

Once you have been sucked in by the North of England you realise how amazing it is. There is literally so much to do and see, I haven’t seen it all yet, so behold 2nd year I’m coming for you! I think I’ve only decided to write this because I miss it so much already… and the crowd say ‘Awwwwwrrrhhhh).


2015-03-15 18.39.17

(Don’t Care, I’m from Manchester! – Andy Tate)


The Famous Jeremy Kyle show, i’m there somewhere spot a black head centre right

2015-05-25 15.26.05

This isn’t even Manchester, It was a day out in Liverpool, with nice weather that comes once in a while 😛

2015-05-15 14.11.08 HDR

Im not a big architecture fan or love buildings, but when I was on my work experience in Manchester I admired this building for a couple of days (Near Oxford Road) I happened to end up taking a picture.

P.S Apologies for lack of picture, majority that I have are selfies and I’m sure you do not want to be bombared with those.


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