What’s the right temperature for a Brit?


It goes without saying that we have been hit with soaring temperatures of up to 34 degrees across the UK in the last couple of weeks. So far it has been almost 3 weeks with warm weather, which is simply something unheard of here! I don’t seem to recall the last time that we had weather like this. I assume just like everyone else we are used to a few days of warmth then it returns to clouds and rain overhead for pretty much the whole summer.

The hottest day recorded was 1st July 2015 with temperatures of 36.7C recorded at Heathrow Airport. There were even reports of some people who were able to fry eggs in that weather, can you imagine? Unfortunately for me I was stuck at work the whole day so I didn’t get to embrace the heat but had to deal with the sweltering heat in my workplace.

Now for every Brit who enjoys this weather, there is always one who complains. Strangely you will always get one person during summer who will say “I am more of a winter person, I don’t like this!”. I find that rather strange considering they are the type of people during winter who will say “It’s too cold I can’t deal with this!”. However on that topic, each to their own opinions.  I definitely knew it was summer when some of the slightly larger men in my area came out with no tops on, to which left me scarred a little bit (don’t ask me about it!)

Question is “What is the right temperature for a Brit?” Well I can’t speak for everyone, however, I have heard that the appropriate temperature would vary between 20-22C. It is supposedly a temperature which is not too cold and not too hot. Well I don’t know how the majority of you who like to catch a tan will get it in that mediocre warmth. As you can tell from my skin colour you’re unlikely to catch me sitting outside trying to ‘catch the rays, rubbed with oil’, as they say.

So how would you prefer your ideal summer or weather to be like? Answer in the poll below:


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