Science has discovered you can date someone out of your league!

People! I bring you good news from the wild west that is going to change your life, well at least I think it will.

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Undeniably everyone wants to date or be with someone who is beautiful and makes them feel proud, you know like a trophy does. But getting that special someone does not come easy, especially if you know the person is way out of your league. Playing the game right is the only way that you are likely to get any results that will get you what you want.

Research has revealed that couples that have known each other from a longer periods of time before starting to date are more likely to be of different levels of attractiveness.

If you thought that money was the only reason why supermodels go out with tubby billionaires, think again. A study published in Psychological Science has shown that time is an important factor when determining why really, really good looking people sometimes end up with partners not as really, really good looking as themselves.

The research revealed that couples were “less likely to be matched for attractiveness the longer they had known each other before they started dating.” Whereas, “Couples who formed their relationship soon after meeting were more likely to match on physical attractiveness than those who formed their relationship well after meeting each other.”

And for those of you who have been languishing in the friend zone for er- oh, say – eight months, then hang in there mate! The research also found that the chances of both partners being equally physically attractive after nine months of knowing each other was shown to be “modest in magnitude and not significantly different from zero.”

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“Our results indicate that perceptions of beauty in a romantic partner might change with time, as individuals get to know one another better before they start dating,” says lead researcher Lucy Hunt. “Having more time to get acquainted may allow other factors to make that person appealing in ways that outshine more easily observable characteristics such as physical attractiveness.”

And if you still believe that dating someone hotter or less hotter than you is a recipe for impending doom, it’s time to drop the cynicism. The research also found that there was no link between how physically matched or mismatched a couple were and how satisfied they were with their relationship.

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So there is absolutely no reason why you still can’t end up with Beyonce or whoever your taste maybe, Nope, none at all. Beauty may really be in the eye of the beholder, say scientists.

It’s Not For Money: Why So Many Women Are Dating Less Attractive Men




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