Who do you think will win the Premier League 2015/16

BUILD UP DAY! It’s that time of the year again where the premier league season is about to start and everyone is backing there team to either stay up (new comers) or to win the Premier League itself. New comers Watford. Bournemouth and Norwich will be aiming to make an impression.

Before I go on I must confess that I am an Arsenal fan, however what I will say is not bias as I’m also a general football fan and love to see good football regardless of the team I support.

With that being said I would say congratulations to Chelsea FC who did win it in 2014-15 season with 8 points which was very impression. I think that Jose Mourinho managed to figure out his key players are in different types of games and get them to all work together. In terms of squads you would say that Chelsea have a very good squad both the starting 11 all the way through to the subs and those part of the 25 man squad. In terms of pre-season so far they haven’t had a spectacular start but you can only take pre-season results with a pinch of salt as many teams usually win them all then fail to perform at the start of the season.

It is difficult to predict what the season will bring as teams like Manchester United have done a lot of spending bringing in the likes of Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger, Depay, Darmian and Romero. All of these signings are undoubtly quality players, the question is what will they immediately bring to the table as having chemistry with other players does not always happen straight away. If you look at teams such as Liverpool and Tottenham who are regulars in buying a number of players have struggled with all the news names who take a long time to gel with the other team mates.

In other teams in the league they have also found areas to strengthen ahead of the season. Key signings such as Petr Cech to Arsenal, Benteke to Liverpool, Falcao to Chelsea, Jordan Ayew to Aston Villa, Cabaye to Crystal Palace, Cleverly to Everton and Sterling to Liverpool. These are just some of the few names that have transferred to other clubs in order to perform well this coming season.

It also is that time when some of the top teams claim ‘This is our year and we have that belief that we will go on and win the League’… Well there’s only one way to find that out!

I would love to know who you think will win the Premier League this year 2015-16.


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