Is Drake & Meek Mill beef real or are they just promoting each other?

Meek Mill vs Drake

It all started off with Meek accusing Drake of not writing his own raps…

Many of you will be aware of the beef that is happening with the rappers Drake and Meek Mill at the moment. This reminds me of back in the day of 50 Cent and Ja Rule who were always at it! What started off casually on twitter has ended up in something a lot bigger than that. As always it was joined in by their supporters, innocent bystanders and many media outlets have all joined in the feud.

Drake has reinvented the rap beef, and he did it by trolling. During OVO Fest, he wore a “Free Meek Mill” shirt. He opened his set with his two new dis tracks, “Charged Up” and “Back to Back,” as well as a snippet of an untitled third. Projected behind him were a number of hilarious memes featuring Meek Mill in a wedding dress, Meek Mill checking out of a hotel in a coffin, Meek Mill being insulted by a fast food chain. For me.. a BIG well done to Drake for knowing how the internet works.

Furthermore, every move he’s made has distracted us from Meek’s original point: Is Drake an authentic rapper, and if not, does he still deserve the praise we’ve given him all this time? I was just thinking who have I then been letting getting into my heart with all those emotional songs Drake has been singing/rapping to us all this time? Drake knows that authenticity rarely matters on the internet, and used that to his advantage. His OVO set was petty as hell and had nothing to do with Meek’s original charges, but it was effective, and everyone talked about it online.

By most accounts, Meek Mill looks very bad right now. So why hasn’t he thrown the towel in yet? Because you can’t start something without finishing it. Most crucial, he can abandon the ghostwriter angle. Ghostwriters are the worst kept secret in rap, with a few die hard fans holding on to the glory days of cyphers and freestyles. Times have changed. Rap has changed. Songwriting is a collaborative process. Welcome to 2015. Meek needs to move on and pick Drake apart in other ways. I mean just look at one of the greats Beyonce’s last albums, you can just get the credits to see how many people wrote her songs, she didn’t even hide it!

So really who is the winner in all of this? Meek has gone quiet for a few days (Doing a Kanye West on twitter) but I don’t think this is over. I genuinely think that Meek has chosen Drake especially to help him promote himself. I mean Drake doesn’t even need to tweet, he get’s reception from fans without even talking! Meek ‘The forgotten one’ Mill is trying to stay relevant, I can’t even remember a BIG hitting song that he has done for a while. He has recently dropped his album and this is perhaps a way for him to lure people to go and eventually listen to his music. If this beef was real i’m sure it will have been settled elsewhere, I’m pretty sure they have each other’s numbers and can settle it like grown ups. So tell me what you think of the whole situation!


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