Champions KO’ed



It’s been a bit of an upside down week for Chelsea after their bizarre draw last weekend against Swansea. It wasn’t much of an amazing game, however Chelsea didn’t lose, they got that all important point which is always better than losing all 3 points.


However the fact that they draw was not really the issue, it was instead the Chelsea medical team which includes the only lady who is part of a Premier league team medical team, Eva Carneiro. Today was awkward for the medical staff who were called upon just before half time, I’m sure hey were tense to even step foot on the pitch. Fans were chanting Eva’s name throughout the game, even a report of fans bringing stethoscope’s to the game as a joke. Unfortunately she happened to be the talk of the week, in fact the whole game and Chelsea’s performance was forgotten about. Watching the game itself, Chelsea were not great and didn’t perform well. It was following their poor performance after being beaten by Arsenal in pre season finale clash with Arsenal at the Wembley Stadium.

Chelsea just about pulled through the game with Swansea having majority of the fun at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge. Mourinho failed to point out his team were not toimage par with their championship style of playing which got them the title last week by covering up with the medical team situation. I can understand that you want to win a game, but with a player such as Eden Hazard on the floor I certainly would not risk it just because you want to win a game. It could be a matter of getting it checked or the player ending up missing a number of games.

Today was a chance For Chelsea to perform and put behind what happened last week with Swansea by pulling back at Manchester City. It was a big build up as Manchester City won on Monday night against West Brom with a clean sheet, with a spectacular performance. It was a chance where Man City who want to prove more from last season, as well as Chelsea redeeming last week’s game.


Unfortunately Manchester a City were the better team at their home turf with scoring 3 goals and conceding none. City created the better chances throughoutimage, even striker Aguero who has just returned from an extended holiday, he looked as if he had been with the team throughout pre season. Chelsea’s well known ‘Parking the bus’ was not in effect today which seemed to be their downfall and left a considerable amount of space which Manchester City used to their advantage. From Yaya Toure, Raheem Sterling, David Silva, Fernandinho, well almost the entire team did not put a foot wrong and made Chelsea look average today.


It is only the second game of he season but picking up as many points at the beginning when many teams are still claiming they are not ‘ready’, can be to your advantage when the end of the season approaches and the points really matter. Manchester City’s captain Kompany is really hoping the team can push on and letting everybody know that they are ready to put in what is needed to obtain the highest amount of points for this season. It will be a good next few weeks to watch what the other teams do in terms of winning games and getting off to a good start for he first ten games.


Super Sunday results

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal 1-2

Man City vs Chelsea 0-3




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