Should guys pay for dates?

I am no longer a buzzing teen so I thought I’d get a bit more serious :P!

Anyway a topic that is always among us youth is dating, in particular ‘should guys pay for dates?’ It’s a bit difficult to answer in the right way as everybody has an opinion on how it should be. You know the whole thing to do with equality, being old school, or just following the crowd?

Most people have dates, are dating or are thinking about doing it sometime in the future. I mean, most of us want to be in relationship or to even get married one day, right? Each gender has a role to play and what you personally believe is different from what everyone else may want to do.

This is mostly directly to women, but guys please share on what you also think should be the case! Whether it be paying on all dates or on all!

Are women ready for equality or not quite ready? Should equality be in all areas other than this one?

I’d love to know what y’all think! Watch my video below;




12 thoughts on “Should guys pay for dates?

  1. I guess you could put me in the old school class. I think if you ask a girl out on a date, the guy pays. If you’re just meeting out somewhere, it’s not really a “date” date and with a group of other friends, then maybe not. But I think being a gentleman is still important, and that includes covering a date. But like I said, I’m 46 so consider me old school.


  2. Old school mom. Definitely pay on the first date if you ask her out. After that if it is hanging out or going somewhere big ticket like a concert just make sure it is clear ahead of time so she doesn’t feel stuck or have enough money with her. If you are not really going on a “date”or just hanging with friends then not paying is fine.


      1. Talking about expectations. IF you ask her out it has always been assumed that you would pay. If she asks you out then it was assumed she would pay. But, times change as do expectations especially if money is tight for one or both of you. You can do free or low cost dates to free concerts and movies. Look around there is tons of stuff to do where no one has to worry about paying too. But, make sure to have the conversation before going out not while you are on the date.

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