BBC Work Experience diary!

Hey guys! I should have posted this end of last week but I have been so busy! (Currently in Barcelona). I had the opportunity to work at Radio 1xtra for 5 days which was amazing. When I got the email I was going there, you would have loved the reaction, utterly priceless. I literally jumped out of my bed and ran around the house to tell everyone! Literally the opportunity of a life time, I assume it’s quite difficult to get in there since I had 4 rejections previously. Anyway let me spare the detail and leave it to the important bits.


On the first day it was the ‘boring part of the placement’ whereby we had to do some courses on the computer, which didn’t actually work! Also had to be shown around the building, which was helpful although it’s so big to remember it all on one day. We were shown the fire exits and what to do in case of a fire. When I arrived I saw Nick Bright who was walking around, not sure what for though. Then after lunch I went to the toilet and walked around the office and walked past Greg James, would you believe it. I knew it was him but didn’t want to make a scene so I walked past, I mean who wants to disturb a man enjoying his crisps while crossing his legs in peace? I did see him a few times walking around and made nothing of it; I guess when you work there everyday, he’s just like anybody else, just with his name on the show, beside the fact that he’s a talented radio dj!

After being shown around we went back to our computers and were given our weeks schedule of what we were doing. At that point I got very excited! Working along side the teams of Sarah Jane Crawford, Charlie Sloth and Trevor Nelson. Shame I don’t get to work with Yasmin and Twin B as they do the breakfast show and finish at 10am, when I’m supposed to start work!


I found out I was going to go into Sarah Jane’s show for 30 mins just before lunch which made me really happy! I mean having the opportunity to work at BBC radio was enough, but meeting someone who I admire made it 10x better! So anyway when I got into Sarah’s show she was taking calls in from the public who were choosing songs for Sarah to play out. When I got in there was a charismatic northerner on the line who wanted a Beyoncé tune, it was quite amusing! Anyway when the tunes were playing I managed to ask Sarah some questions and her team. They were all just normal, really down to earth people. You always think celebrities or well known people in the public sphere are like super humans who are not relatable, they’re not! I was glad though because she was really lovely and welcoming. The even better thing was that I managed to stay in the show for the full hour instead of 30 mins, bonus right?! Especially on the first day I didn’t expect it.


On Tuesday I went into the music meeting to chose what songs are going to be in the playlist and what category they would go into. Either A,B or C. Was interesting how everyone had different attitudes to the songs and what their djs were playing at the time. However there were certain songs that were not that great, but because the artist has great influence it was going to go on the Playlist anyway. The music teaam play a very important role as those tracks are essentially what they are going to be playing for that week or even longer.

Wednesday I worked on Charlie sloth’s show with his team. I had to quickly research within an hour what I could put forward. Best idea I came up with was to do with Chris Brown and The Game having beef. It went on air and got very good responses. So much to the fact that they came up with the idea that Charlie should do a Jeremy Lyle style feature, which even Mista Jam came in and loved it! Bonus points for me. I didn’t know or think it would get such a response, but I knew we were always going to get answers because people love sharing their controversial stories. One guy literally poured out his heart on the radio which was unreal, I never expect it to be honest.



On the Thursday I did similar to Wednesday returning to work with Sarah Jane’s team. I had to do notes on a story that was interesting on that day. I managed to find one that was trending everywhere, Sarah Jones throwing shade at all the pop stars. She claimed that they all lack originality. Although she has a very good career which goes without saying, that was basically throwing shade at most popstars. Let’s be honest majority of people do sound similar these days, I just wonder how they all took it. Maybe some of the artists took it on the chin and thought ahead on how they can make themselves different, we’ll have to wait and see.

Finally on the Friday I went in early to be part of Trevor Nelson’s show. When I arrived they had already started, I missed the first 20 minutes which wasn’t too bad. They were doing the popular feature called ‘5 seconds to name’, where they play a snippet of a song and people have to guess the name of the track. Unfortunately I couldn’t really take part because I had seen the producer making the tracks so I knew exactly what was being place, bummer! One interesting thing I heard was that they usually have a guy who calls in every week with the correct answer, some genius he is! This time they didn’t want to pick up on him because it would ruin the idea that no one can actually guess the song, so they picked another person who got the answer right and put it her on the line, she was very happy to do that. For the rest of the show we played some ‘Feel good Friday’ tracks as a lot of people were most likely counting down the hours of work and looking forward to get home and enjoy their weekend. Trevor was a great host, I mean he has been doing it for years, so it was a pleasure to be part of the experience.

As it was Friday it was in fact my last day of my work experience. I was just getting comfortable and getting to know everyone in the office. Seeing famous people and well known people was normal and I wasn’t even fazed by it anymore which was good. I think if I was there a little bit longer I would have got a bit more out of what I was starting goo enjoy.

image (Random picture of the One Show being filmed live)

For next time what I would want to do is ask a bit more questions on how everything works. It’s not that I didn’t ask questions it just that when everything was happening so quickly I was learning that way. Other than that I can’t really sum up what happened in those five days in a few sentences, we’d have to sit down for the whole day with a cuppa! This is more of my diary entry and just an insight what I did on the work experience, if you ever get the opportunity to do something like this then it will be sort of similar I assume. On top of that it’s good to make loads of contacts because they can be your point of call if you ever want to come back or get professional advice from the people who are best at their game. For me I hope this opens doors and be the start to gaining experience to be a future professional broadcaster whether on TV or Radio.


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