Fiddy Cent is trolling us all!

G g g g g-unit! As you may have noticed 50 Cent was declared ‘bankrupt’ during summer, which was news to many of us quite frankly. I found it hard to believe that such a man who is undoubtedly very rich was struggling with money.

I mean he managed to sell well over 10 million copies of his debut album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’; ran the G-unit group, a very successful label and other business ventures such as $100 million deal with Vitamin water and ‘SMS’ headphones. Last week Rick Ross made a little jab on the situation saying “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and now you bankrupt.”

On that note 50 Cent doesn’t seem to be swayed or shaken by comments anyone has to say.

Last Wednesday I was doing my morning dosage of my media outlets and happened to see this on my instagram timeline:

(Purely comedic if you ask me!)


(Broke? If he’s broke then I dont know what I am)

It’s good to know that he eventually was able to see his legs. “Ok I found my legs, but i can’t find nothing to watch on TV,” he wrote. “Power season 3 on the way.” If you have been reading his comments lately he has been throwing a few digs at the news series that has started for Empire Season 2. He claimed that it has been dropping few because of the Gay scenes, which he believes people don’t want to see that. Even in his last instagram post he has taken a screen shot that the show’s ratings have slipped for fourth straight episode, coincidence?!

However last week it came out that 50 is suing his forer lawyers for $75 million, sayig that they mishandled a lawsuit against Sleek Audio, which ended with 50 having to pay almost $20 million. According to some reports they are saying that this is the reason that he filed for bankruptcy filing.

If anything most of us have learnt that 50 Cent still does have PLENTY of money to play around with. Enough dollars to cover his legs and spell words, meaning he’s the ultimate troll!


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