Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW

Currently 23:44 (London Timezone) That I’ve decided to do my Woman Crush Wednesday before midnight when it turns into Throw Back Thursday, mental right?

Well I thought I would see how fast I can type and share with everyone who my Woman Crush is this week. I don’t Usually blog who I think my Woman Crush Wednesday is, however I usually post a picture of her on twitter, a bit stalkerish I know but hey who cares. You know sometimes I just think wow, God really has blessed us with some beautiful women on this planet. The only fair thing to do is to appreciate them, which doesn’t hurt anyone.

Anyway enough of the boring parts about who my Woman Crush is, I’m sure you are dying to find out who it is right?

Well She’s not really a celebrity or anyone who bombards the news screens or TMZ’s latest ‘gossip’ columns’, she is actually a normal girl who graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Retail, Marketing & Management. You’re probably thinking that is so creepy how does he know all of these details, she probably doesn’t even know he exists, you’re right again.

However I have been following her instagram page and blog for a while, like just over a year. It seems everytime that I go on her page she has another thousand followers to her name. For some people followers don’t mean anything, but i’m sure for her it is great as she is able to show people what she likes and does.

I haven’t actually said what I like about her yet, have I? Well she is a fashion blogger who blogs mainly what fashion accessories and clothes that she mostly likes. Personally I find her style very attractive and she seems to pull it off very well. Sadly for me as I’m a guy I can’t actually take any of her tips and put it into my own fashion style. However If I were to have a girlfriend or something like that I would definitely love her to have a similar style to her because I think it is fresh, cool, pretty and most of all good looking. It doesn’t boast too much but is just right. At the moment she does a lot of styles for winter (Fall Fashion 2015)! I personally love them and I hope you do too. I think we have enough words now to describe what she actually does, I’m sure you all want to see how excited I am? P.S If you love the styles feel free to follow her page and see what she is promoting at the moment. This isn’t a promotion for her from me, I’m just appreciating as I mentioned before, enjoy!

There’s plenty more on her Instagram and blog, check it out!


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