Post University assignments stress

Hey guys! This is more of a reflection for the last couple of weeks.

It has actually been a while since I posted anything on my blog. It’s been a tough couple of weeks at University with assignments piling up. I remember at the beginning of term, one of the course leaders said we’ve been nice to you this year by having your assignments split up and not all due In at the same time. Well well, that didn’t go to plan. I ended up having 3 deadlines within 2 days which was tough in itself. Not the fact that the assignments were hard just that when you had them in it’s like ‘that’s it I tried my best’. I was pretty prepared for them done a lot of reading and planning ahead. Hopefully my effort won’t be put to waste. Now that’s done I can focus on getting my exam revision done.

Besides assignments I had my first radio show in th University station. It was really nerve racking especially with all the buttons in front of you which really scared me. I’m looking forward to the next one and hopefully I’ll be more confident. Hopefully I should be more active on here since it’s almost Christmas.


Until till, see y’all soon!



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