Be efficient, New year, New You.

New year’s resolutions

Diet and workout plan, Check.

New wardrobe, check.

Motivation for career, not yet… 😦


It’s 14th of January, 3 weeks into 2016, where are you with your new year’s resolutions? It’s definitely that time of the year when people are wanting to improve themselves and be a better person. We all start of with a super long list of promises that you recited to your family and friends over christmas for the new year.

Undoubtedly it’s always great to embark on a new journey of self-improvement, trying to not limit to January is always a struggle for many, as they are usually broken by February.


  1. I’m going to master a new skill: 

Reality: You should be aiming to improve the skills you already have.

So you want to be fluent french speaker by the end of the year from youtube or an app? Good luck! Not saying it’s bad, being multi-lingual looks great on your CV and can widen your job choices and even location . It’s better of to work on stuff you struggled with the previous year and get better at that rather than trying to embark on something big that’s difficult to do. It’s hard to learn a new language especially if you live in a country where people speak something else. Focus on perfecting something you can do well already. You do not want to go another year of being: jack of all trades, master of none…

2. I’m going to get work experience *puts in huge company name*

Reality: You should apply and send your CV to smaller local companies or other small organisations

There is nothing wrong with dreaming BIG, infact always dream big! However when it comes to self development, you have to start from the bottom and make your way up. Imagine the people who work at large companies, they didn’t get there immediately, they had to gain experience elsewhere and worked hard to get to the position they are at now. I have learnt this the hard way and constantly being down when I receive the email ‘Dear Theo, you have been unsuccessful’. Competition out there is fierce and imagine the amount of people who are applying for that post also. When applying for large companies also apply small, there is a larger chance of getting that position and it may help you with your future applications as you will have experience and something to show for it.

3. I’m going to quit my job

Reality: You should negotiate a promotion or rise with your manager

Unless things are so bad that you cannot cope any more, I feel it is best to think about it properly first before quitting as it’s only January. If you are stuck and feel that you are not progressing, try and attempt to talk to your manager or senior for advice. If you feel you deserve something better than you are currently getting then that is a good step forward for the new year. Making it clear can help you and get guidance from those in your work place. You never know there is a post that is better in your workplace that you are unaware of. Do not give up, being unemployed is not enjoyable and plenty of people are hungry for jobs, count yourself blessed!

4. I’m going to start my own business and make a million after 1 year

Reality: That’s unlikely to happen unless you have been on the apprentice, should probably shadow current business owners

UK was recently named one of the best places to start businesses for entrepreneurs. Getting a business running is very difficult, requiring plenty of time and definitely isn’t for the faint heard. It’s probably best to find someone who has experience starting up a business recently and is doing well. There are likely to be something new businesses in your local area that you could get in touch with, bug them, they will eventually get back to you. The very least they can do is inspire you and give you advice to start up. There is no point wasting money in starting something that isn’t going to benefit you or your bank account.

5.Dont copy the crowd

Reality: You are unique and different from others

It’s hard to miss this one as you maybe surrounded by people at University, school or work who are doing incredibly well. It is tempting to follow what everyone else is doing. Perhaps your class mate got an internship at a big company and you want to do the same modules as them, same outside of class activities and so forth. Sometimes you have to sit down and see what you genuinely like and are interested in. Imagine following others and getting that job in the future and you don’t actually like it, then you are going to suffer for a long time! It’s a good time to sit down at the beginning of the years and write down what you want to achieve and YOUR priorities not your mates.


These are just a few pointers of many. They are from reflecting on my own pathway of my career at this moment in time. I feel that these things are going to help me and give me a good 2016 or should I say GREAT! I hope they are some good pointers for you also, if you have any others you feel I or anyone else could use, feel free to comment and share!




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