Charlie Hebdo – How far is too far?

You may or may not have forgotten about what happened last year in Paris. The Charlie Hebdo attacks left the world on standby and many people fearing for their lives.

It has been a long time since this happened with many people having moved on from this. The magazine was defended by many to use their ‘freedom of expression’ without remorse. However how far is too far?

The magazine has come out with an Image that has had many people today scratching their heads and not sure how to react to it.

The picture above is a cartoon asking whether Syrian child Aylan Kurdi would have grown up to become a sexual predator.

This cartoon is the result of the spate of sexual assaults in Cologne that have been blamed on men from Arabic and North African background.

It includes (as above) a drawing of the four year old boy whose body was found on the beach in Turkey which went viral and caused an uproar on the refugee situation last year.

In the cartoon, Charlie Hebdo shows two men, who are made to look like monkeys, chasing two women. In the corner is a drawing of Kurdi.

The caption reads, ”what would Aylan have become if he’d grown up? An ass groper in Germany”.

I feel that the picture is disrespectful as it is taunting a young person who is no longer alive. He is unable to defend himself and It’s an unfair representation of him and his family. I do believe in freedom of expression, however with that comes responsibility. With the support that Charlie Hebdo received last year from many people, I feel they are over stepping the line and misusing their freedom.

It’s unfortunately not the first time that Charlie Hebdo have used an image of a dead child in their publications. In September they published another with the caption “So near his goal”.

How do you feel about Charlie Hebdo posting such grotesque images such as this? Do you feel that they are misusing their freedom? Comment below!


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