Muva Amber Rose Claws attack!

Ladies and gentlemen you do not ever want to get on the wrong side of this mother, who’s claws come out to action when there’s war!

Wednesday 27th saw socialite Amber Rose fire back at her ex man Kanye West after he made comments about her and her son Sebastian, the son of her former rapper husband Wiz Khalifa.

The model who previously dated Kanye West for two years said she would never speak about his children with Kim Kardashian North and Saint and was willing to keep quiet even though he constantly refers to her in his songs, even in his latest album coming out soon called WAVES.

‘Even him saying things about my son I still didn’t say anything about his kids, they are innocent babies, you don’t talk about a baby, ever, ever. That just shows how f***ing ridiculous he is.

‘He gets on the internet today and says “a stripper trapped you Wiz” but like you took me around the world, we dated for like two years but you are talking s**t about Wiz and my baby.’

Meanwhile Wiz kept cool online unlike Kanye and Amber who were going at it, he did eventually say something when he stepped on stage at his show in Argentina. He started of his song Taylor Gang saying: ‘ You just wanna write s**t up? You just wanna talk s**t on the internet. huh?’ Later on shouting ‘F**k Kanye!’.

It’s interesting to say this all started when Kanye announced that he changed the name of his album to WAVES, which Wiz didn’t take lightly as he felt Kanye was taking away credit from rapper Max B who founded Wave sound.  Max B is currently serving 75 years in prison for deadly armed robbery.

Unfortunately majority of Kanye We’st rant tweets were deleted immediately after they were posting, meaning majority of people missed out on the action.

I would say that this seems like extra promotion for Kanye’s album by becoming topic of conversation, after all it has been relatively quiet from him recently. He’s not a person who tweets what he is doing all the time, he likes to turn up maybe once a month with a inspirational tweet, then we don’t see him again for a while.

All we can hope is that they resolve their problems offline and behave like adults, because this was childish and something teenagers would do. What more can we expect from these famous people, we shall have to wait and see!




4 thoughts on “Muva Amber Rose Claws attack!

      1. Not sure many of them, stars that is, ever do. They haven’t lived what I’d consider a normal life in years. It’s a distorted reality to some, and there’s usually a crash eminent, at some point.


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