Tyga’s moved on already

The rapper Tyga has been seen dating a young flawless British lady in Cannes, south of France.

It was only the other week that Rob Kardashian announced that he and Blac Chyna were engaged, fast forward a few weeks, that she is also pregnant.

Things seem to be going great for them, everything finally coming together for what may have been a tough period for Rob Kardashian himself.

Reason I mentioned them is that Blac Chyna  is the mother of Tyga’s child, meaning Tyga may have potentially become his own son’s uncle, awkward right?

Last week it was reported that Tyga and the all-famous Kylie Jenner, youngest of the Kardashian family have split. It has been said that Kris, mother of the girls, decided Tyga should be shown the door. Apparently it was not because of the age of Kyle (18), Tyga (26) or even his own problems.

In fact it was a horrible calculation by Kris. However, it has been said that Blac Chyna’s relationship with Rob Kardashian makes her an integral part of the Kardashian family.

As a result it meant that there was no room for her and Tyga at the same time. Although, in hindsight she may realise that all of these relationships could have been TV gold for their spectacular family TV programme, ‘The Kardashians’.

So, as you would expect Tyga has already moved onto someone else. The name may ring a few bells to people who are familiar with the model, Demi Rose Mawby. She’s a young 21 year old from Birmingham, England.

She has had an interesting quick start to her career. Only 2 years ago did she finish her Health and Beauty course at College and lived a pretty low key life. She always wanted to be a model but felt her height of 5’2 would be a hinderance.

However, it has infact worked for her. Last year she was invited to join ‘Taz’s angels’ which is a group of girls who stay with a guy who is a club promoter amongst other things. Although what is does with the girls beyond that is someone speculative.

Demi was invited to join their promotions team for three weeks, she ended up staying for seven months until her visa finished. During that time she enjoyed the company of the other girls and gained a huge following having toured America. She returned to the UK to support her mother who was not well.

Now, it is important to remember that it has only been a few days that Tyga and Demi have been seen together. Question is, how long how they known each other or been talking as he was in a relationship with Kylie Jenner just over a week ago? Well, I will leave them to your own interpretation.

Question is, how long will this relationship last, is it merely friendship or even just for show? Stay tuned and we will see what the next move for Tyga and Demi is!



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