Police discriminating black people in stop and search operations in London.

Different perspectives can create accidental ignorance. Within society race continues to be, and has been for a while, that many wish to address but at the same time try to avoid. As a black British, I am aware of the problems of racism that it is still alive in today’s society.

Many people in London have had bad experiences with the police. Last year alone seven thousand complaints were made. Others do not complain because they don’t know how to go about it, or feel that it won’t amount to anything.

Stop and search is a disgrace across the UK not just in the cities. Figures have shown that in some areas black people are up to 17.5 times more likely to be stopped by the police than white people. Only extensive improvement of the criminal justice system can address its institutional racism.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa one of Scotland Yard’s most senior black officers spoke on discrimination. He said police were more likely to stop a car with young black men on the chance of finding drugs than stop a car full of white men in suits, though they could also be in possession of cocaine.

He said if drugs were found then the officer would repeat the same process to get results adding: “You end up building a process and stereotype. The cop on the ground is just doing it because of what he or she thinks is right, they are not doing it because they are racist”

“But when you look at the accumulated data you see massive disproportionality. I think that’s where we get lost.”

He went onto say officers should continue to carry out stop and search based on intelligence, saying: “You need to be able to explain as an individual why you stopped Joe Bloggs.”

The Black Lives matter movement, which started in the UK this year, says black people are 37 percent times more likely to be stopped and searched than white people and three times more likely to be arrested by white people.

They claim that there has been a 57 percent rise in reported racist hate crime since the EU referendum on June 23, whereby Britain voted for a Brexit.

Black people are more likely than other ethnic groups to be stopped and searched in almost every part of England and Wales even though there have been attempts to solve the problem.

A solution is needed to overcome this problem which is becoming a recurring issue. On one hand they have every right to stop who they believe is a criminal with intelligence? On the other hand they cannot stop a large number just because of a stereotype, which upsets those who are innocent and are not involved in crimes.


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